Research is the creative seed that fosters innovation, knowledge, and change. It drives how we interact with clients and patients, fortifies our expertise as providers, and expands the horizons of what is possible. 

Our goal at the Appalachian Institute for Health and Wellness (App Well) is to bring researchers, community partners, and the people of our region together to build a sustainable culture of health and wellness through the creation and dissemination of evidence-based knowledge. To meet this goal, we have research faculty affiliates internal to App State and externally in organizations across our region who collaborate with one another and with students to bring in external funding, conduct impactful research, and disseminate findings to our region and the world.

App Well prioritizes research areas based on regional health needs, the expertise of our faculty, and available alliances with community partners.

Explore Research

App Well Research Faculty

Find research faculty members affiliated with App Well, research specialties and ongoing projects.

Interdisciplinary Research and Labs

Discover current interdisciplinary research projects, groups and labs that are working to advance healthcare and public health in Western North Carolina and beyond.

Faculty Resources

Faculty resources include a database of current research faculty, guides for working with local healthcare systems, and current grant and funding opportunities.

Institute Journal

Institute Journal

The Journal of the Blue Cross NC Institute for Health and Human Services (JIHHS) addresses the most salient regional problems and opportunities surrounding health and wellness in Western North Carolina and highlights efforts to address those issues.

Participate in Research

Research studies test new methods, treatments, procedures, and ideas for how safe they are and how well they work. Participant volunteers play a critical role in advancing research and the development of new and improved solutions and treatments so that they can reach people more quickly. By participating in research studies, you can help build a stronger, healthier future for your community.

Both healthy volunteers and people with specific conditions are needed to help advance important healthcare and public health concerns. We can help connect you with researchers and studies that match your interests and needs.

Available studies can be found on the Beaver College of Health Sciences website.

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