Health Education & Training Programs

Empowering our communities through education.

Discover a world of knowledge and skill-building at the Appalachian Institute for Health and Wellness. Our suite of Health Education and Training Programs is designed to inspire individuals of all ages to lead healthier lives and pursue fulfilling careers in the health sector.

Aging Academy Speaker Series

For Everyone

Embark on a journey of wisdom and insight with our annual Aging Academy Speaker Series. This engaging program brings together experts in gerontology, healthcare, and wellness to explore the challenges and triumphs of aging gracefully. Join us as we delve into topics that matter, promoting a holistic understanding of the aging process and fostering a community that embraces and supports our seniors.

Fuel Your Game Watauga

For Middle-School and High-School Athletes

Fuel Your Game Watauga is a nutrition education program designed to enhance performance and reduce injuries among middle school and high school student-athletes.

Healthy Heart Collaborative: CPR/AED/BLS Certifications

For App State Faculty, Staff and Departments

At the Appalachian Institute for Health and Wellness, we believe that everyone should be equipped with the skills to save a life. Our Heart Health Collaborative offers comprehensive CPR/AED/BLS certification courses, ensuring that interested App State faculty and staff are prepared for emergencies. Join us in creating a network of lifesavers committed to making a difference in times of crisis.

PATH (Professions and Access to Health Careers) Programs

For Middle-School and High-School Students

Ignite the passion for healthcare in the next generation through our PATH programs tailored for middle and high school students. We provide a gateway for young minds to explore diverse health careers, offering hands-on experiences, mentorship, and guidance. The PATH programs inspire students to envision a future in the health sector, fostering a pipeline of talented and compassionate healthcare professionals. If you are interested in bringing a group of Middle or High School students to the Beaver College of Health Sciences, use this form

We collaborate with external programs as well as individual schools in order to bring students to the Beaver College of Health Sciences. External programs include:

  • Camp Med Summer Program: A fun and rewarding experience for high school students that exposes them to the world of possibilities in health careers.
  • Gear Up GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) is a federally funded college access program designed to increase the number of students who are prepared to enter and succeed in postsecondary education immediately after high school.
For Health Service Providers, Professionals and Educators

SBIRT is an integrated public health evidence-based practice (EBP) aimed at fostering healthier communities. Our training program focuses on universal screening and assessing the risk of substance use disorders, addressing moderate-to-high substance use, and intervening early to mitigate potential harm.

This program is suitable for a variety of practitioners and settings, including counselors, doctors, nurses, psychologists, public health workers, social workers, pastors, health educators, and other service providers.

At the Appalachian Institute for Health and Wellness, we are dedicated to promoting health and wellness literacy, fostering community well-being, and shaping the future of healthcare through education. Join us in our mission to empower individuals, strengthen communities, and build a healthier tomorrow. Explore our programs and take the first step toward a lifetime of learning and wellness.

For questions about our education and training programs, please contact Mary Sheryl Horine, Director of Community Outreach, at 828-262-7557 or