Fuel Your Game Watauga

The nutrition edge for better performance

Fuel Your Game Watauga is a nutrition education program designed to enhance performance and reduce injuries among middle school and high school student-athletes.

The program has been developed by faculty and graduate students in App State's Beaver College of Health Sciences, in collaboration with the Watauga High School Athletic Department.

High School Fuel Your Game

Improve athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury through smart nutrition!

Comprised of three 90-minute classes, the high school Fuel You Game program is an interactive experience that covers important topics in nutrition including hydration, macronutrients, nutrient timing, body image, and supplements.  Students also participate in creating healthy snacks during each class period. 

High School Dates

TBD 2024

Middle School Fuel Your Game

Learn how to use nutrition to get stronger and faster!

Middle school Fuel Your Game is condensed into a single interactive class that covers important topics in nutrition including hydration, macronutrients, and body image. Students participate in creating a healthy snack during the class.

Middle School Dates

TBD 2024

For more information or questions about Fuel Your Game Watauga, please contact Mary Sheryl Horine at horinems@appstate.edu or Dr. Melissa Gutschall at gutschallmd@appstate.edu.